Shar for Development

Shar for Development was established as an endeavour to reach peaceful, stable, and culturally, economically, and politically developing societies dominated by the values of cooperation, teamwork, enjoyment of public freedoms, and respect for transparency and institutional work.

Shar works through interactive and deep programs that relate the qualification to the requirements of reality and support programs to activate democratic means in administration and society such as freedom of information, empowering women, activating their participation, supporting and promoting economic and environmental development, activating youth energies, establishing a culture of volunteering and civic education and rationalising the support provided based on setting priorities and size of the impact.

Since establishment in November 2013, Shar addresses the overwhelming needs of the conflict-affected population in Syria and the neighbouring countries. Shar has been assisting thousands of displaced families and the hosting communities in the sectors of protection, peacebuilding, social cohesion, democratization, governance, economic recovery, and emergency humanitarian assistance. Shar operates in the regions of Northeast Syria in Al-Hasakah, Deir ez-Zor, Raqqa, and Kobani, with the main office in Qamishli.


We seek peaceful, stable, culturally, economically and politically developing societies dominated by the values of cooperation, teamwork, enjoyment of public freedoms, respect for transparency and institutional work, reaching a developmental state at all levels.


·       SHAR Mission Statement:

Shar works on supporting political, economic, and social stability and supports active participation in public affairs for all segments of society. Shar is a civil society organization which designs programs and solutions based on analyzing the reality and problems and existing causes. Shar believes in the importance of media and media structures at the service of urgent social issues and focuses on supporting job opportunities for youth in different fields of work.


·       SHAR Goal:

  • Activating youth energies and expertise that are latent and deactivated due to the conflict and mobilizing them in the service of the teamwork and development.
  • Developing the knowledge of civic values, democratic political process, and its mechanisms and basis, such as the elections, the constitution, and the transparency.
  • Activating the political and social participation of women through the creation of the community, particularly the man to advocate for her issues.
  • Encouraging the culture of volunteerism, developing skills and spirit of initiative among young groups.
  • Direct support from the international community and the sponsoring organizations for the development and the civil society towards the urgent and major requirements to ensure the non-recurrence of projects and not to be exploited through the study of reality deeply and setting priorities.