Shar Development

(Shar) for development was established as an endeavor to reach peaceful, stable, culturally, economically and politically developing societies through interactive and deep programs that relate the qualification to the requirements of reality and support programs to activate democratic means in administration and society such as freedom of information, empowering women, activating their participation, supporting and developing economic and environmental development, activating youth energies and establishing a culture. Volunteering, civic education and rationalizing the support provided, based on setting priorities and size of impact


We seek peaceful, stable, culturally, economically and politically developing societies dominated by the values of cooperation, teamwork, enjoyment of public freedoms, respect for transparency and institutional work, reaching a developmental state at all levels.


• Activating the youth's potential and experiences disrupted by conflict and mobilizing them in the service of team work and development.

• Developing knowledge of civic values ​​and the democratic political process, its mechanisms and foundations, such as freedom of information, elections, the constitution, and transparency.

• Activating the political, social and economic participation of women by preparing society as a whole, especially men, to advocate for their causes.

• Encouraging volunteer initiatives, empowerment programs and projects, and developing skills among young groups in society

• Developing society economically by finding solutions and alternatives based on the size and nature of resources and the level of support and available expertise.

Directing the support provided by the international community, development sponsoring organizations and civil society towards effective, interactive and direct programs that have a direct impact on the lives of citizens