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Zevî project for afforestation is an increase in the green areas of a more pure environment

Aso-Qamishlo / al Qamishli

Zevî project aims to a clean environment and clean air, as its motto is, through a public afforestation campaign in seven cities in Roj-Ava, northern Syria.

The goal of Shar’s campaign is to increase green spaces and to secure employment opportunities for the most needy groups in society.
In all cities, the number of project workers is estimated at 432, including IDPs and residents, most of whom are women.

The project’s coordinator, Aras Maey, said that the afforestation campaign on this project began on February 22, 2018 and continues until the 22nd of June.
So far about 1,400 trees have been planted.
The cities targeted by the campaign are Garki Legge / Mabada, Jal Agha / Jawadiyah, Tarbesipiye / al Qahtaniyah, Qamishlo / al Qamishli, Amuda, Derbasiya and Kobani.

The group is composed of 15 people, including 10 women and 5 men, whose work is only to clean the corners and the bushes, and to plant trees in public parks and gardens.

The project employs women who support their families. Manifa Suleiman is a widow from the village of al Darbasiya. She works because of the need of her family and their financial circumstances. There is no breadwinner in the family after the death of her husband.
These projects serve families in need, where women can work to support their families.

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